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Installation Examples

High Quality marathon® Combustion Systems in Worldwide Use.

Renowned customers consider us an innovative partner for burner technology. Each year,  Each year, we supply up-to-date, efficient combustion systems with an overall firing capacity of more than 2 gigawatts for heating and process heat as well as steam generation.

When it comes to experience, expertise and absolute reliability: heating systems with marathon® burners made by dreizler® are something to be proud of.

Because it works

High availability

Well equipped for the future

District Heat Supply Southern Germany

Tradition and innovation

A strong company

An original success story

Power plant, NOx < 60 mg/Nm3 acc. to BAT

Highly efficient steam generation

Power plant for paper production

State of the art

Cogeneration plant Suisse

Steam supply industry

Full spead ahead with 170 MW

Breaking new ground

Retrofit hot water boiler

BAT – Best Available Techniques

Thermal oil

Efficient and reliable steam generation

More efficiency through modernization

The sign of quality

Retrofit, automotive plant

Hightech Highlight

Dairy products

Who invented it?

Modernization heating plant

Retrofit water tube boiler acc. to 2010/75/EU

Retrofitting with LOW-NOx burner technology

LOW-NOx power plant 40 MW

Process steam in industry

Energy saving

Steam generation medical technology

Exemplary emission values

Conversion water tube boiler

Steam generation brewery

LOW-NOx < 60 mg/kWh

Steam generation

Food industry

Conversion water tube boiler

Paper mill Austria, NOx < 65 mg/kWh

Local and district heating

Paper mill, mixed firing

A brewery legend

Gardening Germany

Paper mill Austria

Local heat

Sustainable craft brewing

Sustainability at all levels

Steam generation

Responsible production

Optimization process flows

Heating plant

Highest quality

Who invented it?

Reliable and efficient

Brewed in the heart of Switzerland


Milk production

Milk production Austria

Automotive industry

Resource saving production

Efficiency optimization with oxygen control

Mixed firing

Mixed firing

Modernization acc. to 13. BImSchV

Clean and efficient

Power station

Sustainable dairying

Heat supply

Dairy park with the latest technology

Modernization heating plant

District heating supply in France

Conversion “TA Luft”, LOW-NOx < 70 mg/kWh

Conversion brewery

Landfill gas plant

Conversion, heating plant

Increasing energy efficiency

Focus on energy efficiency

Low emission technology for environmental protection

CO2- and kWh-reduced production

Retrofit: Ready for the future

Chocolate factory

Conversion to mixed firing