marathon® Forced Draught Burners

Endurance, durability and high performance are special characteristics of dreizler burners with marathon® technology. High control ratios, long and reliable burner uptimes as well as maximum efficiency are achieved. marathon® burners are easy to adjust modulating. Even with changing parameters, combustion always remains optimal. Advanced and efficient.

DUObloc up to 44 MW

Maximum flexibility due to physical separation of burner and combustion air supply

  • Flexible setup of air fan according your requirements
  • Variably optimizable choice of fuel
  • Fuel indepence means security of supply
  • Simultaneous combustion
  • Integrated burner control system
  • Efficient operation
  • Choice of either electronic or pneumatic linkage
  • Available as gas burner, dual fuel burner or oil burner
  • Retrofitting an existing oil burner with a gaseous fuel possible at any time
  • Each dual fuel burner can be operated purely with oil

Up to 80% Electricity Savings

with dreizler® frequency

Reduction of NOx Emissions

with dreizler® ARZ/ARZsuper

Combustion Optimization

with dreizler® oxygen/oxygenplus


  • Modulating burner regulation
  • Supplied fully wired and ready to plug in
  • Electronic or pneumatic linkage depending on application type
  • Simultaneous combustion of at least two fuels in gaseous or liquid form possible
  • Control ratio for gas up to 1:10
  • Control ratio for oil up to 1:4
  • Gas trains according to EN 676
  • Oil mountings according to EN 267
  • Noise dam cap serial and optional
  • LOW-NOx with dreizler hollowflame
  • Retrofitting an existing burner with an additional gas train for alternative pure gas operation possible at any time



  • Natural gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Liquid gas (LPG)
  • Town gas
  • Biogas
  • Special gases
  • Fuel oil EL (others on request)

marathon® gas burners are certified in accordance with EN 676 Forced draught burners for gaseous fuels as well as EC-type tested.

  • CE-0085AP0743

marathon® dual fuel burners are certified in accordance with EN 676 Forced draught burners for gaseous fuels and EN 267 as well as EC-type tested.

  • CE-0085AT0266

Optional Hightech Equipment

  • Parameter driven PID load ratio control with temperature or pressure sensor
  • Patented flue gas recirculation ARZ/ARZsuper for extra low NOx emissions
  • Speed control frequency with saving of current consumption up to 80 %
  • Residual oxygen control oxygen for combustion optimising
  • Residual oxygen control oxygenplus with CO limit value control for additional fuel utilisation
  • Equipment according to Pressure Equipment Directive  2014/68/EU for fired pressure equipment (e.g. steam boiler)


Burner Configurator

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