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dreizler® oxygen and oxygenplus

Efficiency optimisation with oxygen and CO control

Technology for efficient fuel utilisation

System description

With the oxygen control oxygen, the O2 content in the exhaust gas is permanently and precisely determined and readjusted via particularly high-quality lambda probes. As a result, the flue gas volume and the resulting flue gas loss are constantly monitored and minimised.

When using gaseous fuels, the CO control oxygenplus additionally offers the option of measuring unburnt exhaust gas components via an additional exhaust gas probe and thus operating the burner practically with stoichiometric combustion (λ∼1).

marathon®  dual fuel burner with oxygen control oxygen

With fluctuating fuel properties and ambient conditions, the use of oxygen and oxygenplus is optimal for reliable, efficient and clean burner operation.

The intelligent marathon® burner. Highest efficiency through self-optimising and consistent combustion.

Your benefits

  • The efficient mode of operation optimises the use of primary energy
  • Applicable for liquid and gaseous fuels

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