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dreizler® frequency

Profitable Energy Savings

Speed control of the burner fan

System Description

Due to the continuously variable speed control supplied by a frequency converter on the motor, the combustion air fan delivers exactly the amount of air required for the burner’s respective load point.

The dreizler® frequency technology allows you to realize power consumption savings of up to over 75%, enabling an incredibly quiet burner operation at the the same time.


With the frequency converter, the speed control of the fan is adapted to the respective burner load. This means, for example, a power consumption of only approx. 0,75 kW at 20% burner load.

red curve: burner without speed control
blue curve:  burner with frequency speed control

When the fan is running at half speed, the marathon® burner is almost inaudible.

Your Benefits

  • Reduction of your plant’s operating costs
  • Low-noise burner performance
  • Compact burner design


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