dreizler® ARF

Particularly low emissions

Flame technology for reduction of NOx emmissions

System description

Flue gas recirculation implies the recirculation of completely combusted flue gases with a lower oxygen and comparatively high CO2 content into the combustion process. Even small amounts of inert flue gases in the combustion result in a reduction of thermal  NOx formation.

In the case of external flue gas recirculation ARF, flue gases are led back to the mixing unit outside the heat generator through the use of adapted pipes and assisted by the combustion air fan or additional fans.

Scheme marathon® DUObloc burner with flue gas recirculation ARF:

Installation example
LOW NOx power plant with 40 MW

All four marathon® gas burners are equipped with internal flue gas recirculation ARZ as well as additional external flue gas recirculation ARF. The set NOx emissions are significantly below 50 mg/Nm3 at 3 Vol% O2 over the entire load range.

A valuable contribution to optimum fuel utilisation with low emissions.

Your benefits

  • The combination of internal flue gas recirculation ARZ/ARZsuper and external flue gas recirculation ARF allows particularly low NOx requirements to be realized permanently and reliably
  • Applicable for both gaseous and liquid fuels


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