dreizler® hollow flame -
The top technology for clean combustion

Efficient combustion system for new possibilities in industrial application.
(Filing for a patent).

Innovation award 2010 of the State of Baden-Württemberg for the
dreizler® hollow flame technology


Description of the hollow flame technology

The dreizler® hollow flame technology is a novel combustion system being especially suitable for the application of one or multiple, gaseous or liquid fuels in changing operation or simultaneously for the energy efficient and particular clean heat and steam generation in the industrial sector.


Suitable fuels 

The flexible arrangement of gaseous and liquid fuels within the same mixing device makes it possible to burn low caloric and high calorcic fuels simultaneously or alternatingly.

  • Examples for low caloric fuels:
    biogas, vegetable oil, garbage, animal fat, BtL (Biomass to Liquid) contaminated exhaust steam, harmful and process gas

  • Examples for high caloric fuels:
    natural gas, LPG, solvent, alcohol, biogenic and conventional oil


Advantages of the hollow flame technology for industrial applicaton

Due to the innovative arrangement of fuel and air ducts completely new possibilities in the industrial combustion technology can be realised. These special characteristics enable the efficient, clean and reliable application of different fuel qualities for industrial heat and steam generation.

  • flexible applicaton of different combustibles in individual, alternating and mixed operation
  • clean and reliable use of regenerative fuels
  • reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions (concerning conventional fuels) up to 50% compared with the current legal emission limits in Germany
  • increase in efficiency of up to 5% by optimised flame geometry
  • plant availability of up to 99,8% per year
  • environmental friendly and efficient continuing operation of existing installations
MC 10003.3
combi burner MC 10003.3 with hollow flame mixing unit


For further information:

"Mehr Effizienz und Flexibilität durch neue Zweistoffbrenner"
(BWK 2010, Nr. 11)

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