MAGMAblue® Surface Combustion Burner System

The MAGMAblue® burner system includes premix and postmix burners of different burner bodies, designed for the specific requirements of your industrial heat manufacturing processes. The patented ULTRA LOW NOx technology enables boiler manufacturers and industrial users an application in smaller and shorter combustion chambers, while producing minimum NOx and noise emissions.

ULTRA LOW NOx Gas Burners

Surface Combustion Premix System

In MAGMAblue® Postmix flat burners, fuel-air mixing takes place downstream of the combustion air blower.

The mixing device is based on the LOW NOx technology of the marathon® MONObloc forced draught burner and is supplemented with an inserted stay ring and the MAGMApad for surface combustion.  With this combination, a nearly homogeneous mixture with a short mixing distance is achieved.

  • Cool flame root for LOW NOx combustion
  • High power density
  • Short combustion chamber possible
  • Low-noise performance
  • Exchangeable MAGMApad

ULTRA LOW NOx < 35 mg/kWh



  • Modulating burner control system
  • Control ratio of 1:8
  • Gas/air post-mixing unit
  • Burner flame with short burn-out
  • Exchangeable MAGMApad
  • Natural gas
  • Liquid gas (LPG)

Optional Hightech Equipment

  • External air suction system
  • Air filtration
  • Speed control frequency with saving of current consumption up to 80 %
  • Oxygen control oxygen for combustion optimising
  • Noise dam cap


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