dreizler MAGMAblue® -
Surface combustion with premix system

The ULTRALOW-NOx technology surface combustion of gas to generate heat and steam to operate boilers was successfully applied by dreizler® according to the Gas and Pressure Equipment Directive for decades.


MAGMAblue® burner technology:

The term MAGMAblue® combines the basic characteristics of a surface combustion: radiating infrared operation, glowing surface and a short blue gas burner flame, which can complete the combustion process in relative small combustion chambers with an intensive high surface load.

The new technology MAGMAblue® enables an important improvement of the flame geometry and emission class by the complete premix of natural gas and air on the suction side of the fan.

Smaller combustion chambers are possible for industrial users and boiler manufacturers by especially intensive low-emission combustion. With our know-how and the dreizler® engineering customer-oriented versions are adapted competently and individually.  


Surface combustion MAGMAblue®:

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