dreizler® ARZ and ARZsuper -
Fire and flame for exemplary emissions levels

European patent No. 347834
European patent No. 195 09 219

Based on internal flue-gas recirculation the ARZ or ARZsuper technology results in extremely low NOx-emissions

Technical specifications

                     ARZ                                                                             ARZsuper


  1. Combustion air
  2. fuel gas
  3. Boiler door
  4. Burner ring
  5. Rib surfaces
  6. Combustion tube
  7. First combustion stage
  8. Flue gas recirculation
  9. Second combustion stage
  10. Burner flame
  11. Burner capacity
  12. Injector (ARZsuper only)


System description

The flue-gas recirculation is intergrated in the burner head.

  1. First combustion stage:
    The combustion air mixes with the radially out-streaming fuel gas in the torus swirl and the flame is divided into lean and rich zones.
  2. Second combustion stage:
    This entails the full development of the flame. Radial sib surfaces produce the recirculation of the waste gas from the combustion space.
  3. ARZsuper only:
    Extended stage combustion achieved by use of injectors (12).

These illustrations are applicable to low temperature and three-pass boilers operating with natural gas and a combustion chamber load < 1 MW/m3.


ARZ NOx < 80 mg/kWh                                                         ARZsuper NOx < 60 mg/kWh


The results

"Cooler" burner flame with residual NOx-values < 80 mg/kWh. (ARZsuper < 60 mg/kWh).
Hygienically unobjectionable combustion, practically free of Nitric oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

ARZ and ARZsuper combust natural gas virtually free of emissions.

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