dreizler® offers the customer first class, complete burner type series for different application as well as atmospheric gas burners for industrial and gas application.


Burner type series marathon®

The burner type series marathon® contain the CE type tested and for more than 25 years proven gas-, and dual fuel- and oil burners  in a capacity range of up to 25.000 kW for application according to EN 676 and EN 267. These burners are applied in the heating and steam generation with typical boilers in 2-pass, 3-pass or water tube construction.

The burners of the marathon® type series are available in Monobloc and Duobloc version.

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Burner type series CALORAbloc®

Under this well-established registered trademark we offer a particular flexible burner program for gaseous and liquid fuels in the capacity range of up to 25.000 kW.
The model range CALORAbloc® is a modular and free configurable burner system. The general version as Duobloc structure (separately placeable combustion air fan) result in a high scope of development.

Basics for the burner type series CALORAbloc® are the requirements of EN 746-2 for the application of industrial process technology.

Typical applications are i.e. burner installations with air preheating up to 200°C, incineration of contaminated air, thermal post combustion in baking ovens, industrial process heat generation with combustion chamber temperatures of more than 750°C and several combustion installations on one combustion chamber.

The type series CALORAbloc® is only equipped in the Duobloc version for special flexibility.

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Burner type series MAGMAblue®

The ULTRALOW-NOx technology surface combustion of gas to generate heat and steam to operate boilers was successfully applied by dreizler® according to the Gas and Pressure Equipment Directive for decades.

Smaller combustion chambers are possible for industrial users and boiler manufacturers by especially intensive low-emission combustion.

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