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Ulrich and Daniel Dreizler

Inspired developments in burner technology firing us with inexhaustible energy. Every day, for over 50´years . In developing and producing  reliable, efficient and clean burner systems for thermal heat and steam generation, we are the premium partners of numerous sectors with a strong presence in the market.

Innovation. Know-how. Solution expertise. Key qualifications that are no coincidence. The experience of three engineering generations and several thousands furnace plants with gaseous and liquid fuels worldwide have made us what distinguishes dreizler® today: a sector expert with internationally recognised specialist expertise and family tradition.

Implementing patents in leading technologies - a discipline we master. Because with a range of patented, low emission burner technologies, dreizler® occupies one of the leading places in the sector. The highest standards in setting international benchmarks: all burners from dreizler® are continually checked and CE certified in accordance with the latest EN and ISO standards at the design stage.

Our customers rightly trust marathon® burner technology. Accompanying engineering is just as much part of our portfolio as international support and practical training in several languages. Benefit from this yourself.

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